Mobile Marketing: The Next Phase of Social Media Marketing

The Future of Social Media Marketing; Mobile MarketingCan you remember a time when your phone only made phone calls? You carried around a Motorola flip phone with a bulky battery and could only change the color of the battery cover? Around this time, America Online ruled the Internet, and online marketing was in its infancy. Fast forward to now. Can you think of a website that doesn’t have a single advertisement? The paradigm shift of how marketers reach the consumer has changed how we interact with businesses themselves.

The spawn of social sites like MySpace and Facebook have allowed millions of people to connect via a single website. Social media marketing has changed how marketers promote products and services to the end consumer.

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Are the Newest Facebook Features Imitating Google+?

Facebook ChangesBeing the king of the castle may be a great position to hold, but you may lose sight of why you’re king. You’re loved by just about everyone; even those who hate you pretend to like you. But what do you do if a prince in another castle starts to build their kingdom better than yours? Copy their ideas of course!

It seems Google+ is doing things right, causing another twist in the Google+ vs. Facebook debate. So much so, that Facebook is adopting their competitor’s ideas and features.

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Social Media Spotlight: FIX Solutions GmbH

FIX Solutions GmbHOn this week’s Social Media Spotlight, we are proud to introduce a company based in Frankfurt, Germany that is a leading technology provider of FIX (Financial Information eXchange) software. FIX Solutions GmbH ensures that your financial trading environment among the DACH+ markets is transparent, ultra-fast and highly efficient. We had the pleasure of speaking with Nick Nickitas about how FIX Solutions GmbH is utilizing social media, and here is what he had to say:

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F-Commerce and the Future of Facebook Storefronts

F-Commerce Facebook StoreBy F-commerce, we are not talking about cursing the practice of buying and selling, but instead talking about Facebook commerce; the act of buying and selling on Facebook. Not long ago Facebook provided brands and companies with the option to sell their products on Facebook via a storefront app. At first, this seemed like a must have opportunity for any company selling a product. At the time, this was revolutionary! You’re telling me I can buy clothes from my favorite brands, online, all while I’m bragging to my Facebook friends about what I am buying? Get out of town!

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Social Media Spotlight: Jahmar Amani Photography

Photography by Jahmar AmaniFor this week’s Social Media Spotlight, we are happy to present a company that enjoys putting others in the spotlight as much as we do, Jahmar Amani Photography. This full-service, one stop photography company based out of Miami, FL,  takes the pain and hassle out of getting your magazine-worthy picture taken. Don’t worry about a stylist, make-up artist or wardrobe because Jahmar Amani Photography will supply the best of the best for you. We had the pleasure of speaking with Jahmar Bailey, Founder and CEO of the company, about their social media campaign. Here is what he had to say:

Read More for Business Networking NetworkingAre you looking to network with like-minded people or market your business to other individuals and business owners in your area? may be the solution you are looking for. With over 7.5 million users, is a great place to meet people within any given industry. The great part about this social network is that it allows you to interact with community members online and then go meet them in the real world! combines the ease of social networking with the ability to join groups of people with common interests. Within these groups, people host events where you can meet community members!

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Why Hootsuite is a Must Have Social Management Platform

Hootsuite Management PlatformUpdating and staying consistent on social media networks can become time consuming, even if you have an editorial calendar mapped out. To properly use social media to grow and maintain a fan base, you usually need to post content that is engaging, interesting and useful. But who has time to run a business, research content and post them at specific times throughout the day? Not many. Outsourcing your social media is a great way to increase your social presence while being able to focus on your business’s bottom line. If outsourcing or hiring an in-house social media manager isn’t in the budget, using a 3rd party tool like Hootsuite can be very beneficial. Hootsuite will give you the ability to manage your social media networks all from one central hub. You can post to multiple accounts over multiple platforms all at the same time! Scheduling content to be posted throughout the week will make your content strategy easy and less time consuming. Let’s look at some of the features that Hootsuite has to offer.

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How Brands and Teams Use Social Media for the Super Bowl

The last time the New York Giants and the New England Patriots met at the Super Bowl, Facebook had under 100 million users, Twitter wasn’t cool and Google+ didn’t exist; not even as a thought. This weekend and over the past 2 weeks, however, the marketing for this epic sports showdown has and will change dramatically. Can you remember the days when you had to read a newspaper or watch ESPN or even the NEWS to find out sports scores? How about the time you missed the most hilarious Super Bowl commercial, and had to wait days to see it replayed on TV? Those days are over, and thank goodness for that!

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Things to Consider for Facebook Timeline Brand Pages

Facebook Timeline LayoutIf you haven’t heard yet, it is possible that by the end of February your brand page will be changed over to the new Timeline layout. This overhaul in the design of brand pages may pose problems for marketers and social media managers. So when is it being released and what should you do in preparation?

There have been a few sources that have released information that may hint towards an end of February release. One of the sources believes it will be unveiled on February 29th, being that it is a leap year and a day in which is seen once every 4 years. Whether Facebook releases Timeline to brand pages or makes the official announcement that day, it is time you get well acquainted with the new layout by using it on your personal profile!

Here are some things you might want to consider in regards to the layout change:

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Why Google+ Will Succeed

Google+Google+ is still fairly new compared to the juggernauts like Twitter and Facebook, but so far Google+ has done nothing but excel. With over 60 million users and growing, Google+ is already beginning to implement some major features into their platform. When Google+ initially went public, it had the ability to video chat with multiple people at once, as well connect with users with similar interests within a section denoted “Sparks.” But slowly Google+ is changing and incorporating ideas from other social networks into their own, heating up the competition. Let’s look at some of the Google+ features you may have seen elsewhere or that are entirely new to the social network realm.

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