Why Hootsuite is a Must Have Social Management Platform

Hootsuite Management PlatformUpdating and staying consistent on social media networks can become time consuming, even if you have an editorial calendar mapped out. To properly use social media to grow and maintain a fan base, you usually need to post content that is engaging, interesting and useful. But who has time to run a business, research content and post them at specific times throughout the day? Not many. Outsourcing your social media is a great way to increase your social presence while being able to focus on your business’s bottom line. If outsourcing or hiring an in-house social media manager isn’t in the budget, using a 3rd party tool like Hootsuite can be very beneficial. Hootsuite will give you the ability to manage your social media networks all from one central hub. You can post to multiple accounts over multiple platforms all at the same time! Scheduling content to be posted throughout the week will make your content strategy easy and less time consuming. Let’s look at some of the features that Hootsuite has to offer.

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How to Fight Spam on a Self-Hosted WordPress Site

Spam Comments on BlogWhether you use WordPress as a blog or have customized one of their numerous templates to use as a website, spam can be a real hassle to deal with. We all are familiar with the traditional spam-like sales calls, pointless emails and letters in the mail that do nothing but waste our time. In the virtual word, spam has taken on a new identity. WordPress spam typically comes in the form as a comment on a blog post or any page that allows. There are many tactics that can be used, mostly in the form of plugins, which will greatly reduce the spam that your site receives.

Spam can come in many forms and from many sources. The most common source of spam are “bots” or computer programs that quickly scan pages, posting or commenting wherever they can. Usually these “bots” supply a link or a destination in the hopes that you will click on it. Spam can also come from an actual person sitting at a computer, manually inputting information and links that are malicious. There are various kinds of content behind these links, but nonetheless should be avoided.
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Social Media Spotlight: NY Home Solutions

progressive media concepts, social media marketing, social media managementExcited for this week’s Social Media Spotlight? We’re happy to introduce NY Home Solutions to you! NY Home Solutions is a real estate investment company that specializes in the purchase and rehabilitation of distressed homes in the Greater Buffalo Region. The services offered by NYHS provide legitimate alternatives to homeowners troubled by legal, family, or financial burdens. They work directly with homeowners who are looking to sell their home and relieve the burden of a stressful situation.

NY Home Solutions prides itself on its ability to create a “Win-Win-Win” solution for all parties involved. With their ability to accommodate all situations, they are able to alleviate the burden of an unwanted home. After the complete rehabilitation of the home, they create an opportunity for a new family or individual to purchase the home at a fair market price. This helps to revitalize the region! We were able to speak with Nick Baldo about the company’s social media marketing strategy, and here’s what he had to say:

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Social Media Spotlight: Vergetone Productions

social media marketing, social media managementThis week, we are pleased to present a music production company that is based out of Brooklyn, NY and operates out of New York, Buffalo and Boston. Vergetone Productions focuses on musicianship and production value to deliver high quality, creative music. The company provides production, recording, and mixing services to bands and artists, as well as post-production sound design and composition for companies and filmmakers. We were lucky enough to speak to Mike Baldo, a producer for Vergetone, about their social media marketing initiatives. Here is what he had to say:

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The Progressive Media Concepts Website is Here!!

Progressive Media Concepts, social media marketing, social media managementFINALLY!

As our readers know, we have been using a WordPress blog as a means for our company website. Over the past few months, Will and I have been working on a real website in order to provide our clients and potential customers with a more professional experience. Our blog isn’t going anywhere though! All of our articles will still be available, but under the new domain:


We will still be posting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday as always, so don’t worry, you’ll still be getting your social media marketing fix every week.

Are you guys ready for the final product? Visit www.progressivemediaconcepts.com and show us some love!

Please feel free to leave comments and/or suggestions for the website below. We love feedback!

Wordpress: Is This The Alternative Your Company Needs?

It is no surprise that cutting costs can be a necessity to keep your company afloat, especially for small and medium size businesses that feel the impact of an economic crisis. One major expense that most companies incur early on is the creation of a website. Depending on your budget and web designer, it can range from several hundred dollars to a few thousand. So what are you to do if you fell behind and have yet to have a website created for your brand? One alternative to a pricey website developer would be WordPress, a blogging platform that is excellent for customization.

You’re probably thinking, a blogging platform? It may have little or no customizable features and it’s free, so it may look tacky and not give off the vibe that your company is going for. Wrong. WordPress is fully customizable, and if what you want is a fully functioning, multi-page website, it could cost you under $100.

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How To Optimize Your Company Blog

Progressive Media Concepts, social media management, social media marketing, outsourceBlogging for your business has become an effective marketing strategy for companies everywhere. It allows your business to share valuable information with your customers, making you the expert and trusted professional that they will continue to come back to for more. But the content you create is not the only way to make your blog successful, although of course it plays a very important role. There are other strategies that need to be used in order to make your business blog the best that it can be! Here are some measures to implement when creating a company blog…

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The Webby Awards: Social Media Nominees

Do you love watching award shows such as the Oscars, the Grammys or even the VMAs? It’s time to tune into a different kind of award show this year – the Webby Awards. Started in 1996, this award ceremony celebrates the excellence of web experts, businesses, creative celebrities and visionaries across the Internet. This year, you can find nominee categories for interactive advertising, online videos, mobile apps, and viral marketing, to name a few. But among all of these intriguing categories, let’s take a deeper look into the 2011 social media contenders and give you a better idea of how innovative the industry is. From video and creative design sites to a social network for the deceased, we’ll cover it all.

And the social media nominees are…

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Social Media Spotlight: Just Jamie Scarves

Today, Progressive Media Concepts will embark on a new blogging concept – a Social Media Spotlight that focuses on businesses who currently use social media and how their marketing strategies are helping to build their brand. We want to give our readers an inside, real-life view of how companies can grow their business, increase sales, and enhance consumer engagement. It’s very simple to sit here and write about all the benefits social media holds for companies in general, but by giving you an actual example of a business that is prospering through Facebook or Twitter will make our case stronger. Our readers can expect to find these kinds of company spotlights every Wednesday from here on out, and if you would like to be interviewed, please do not hesitate to ask. So let’s start our Social Media Spotlight with an awesome entrepreneur, Jamie Futterman from Just Jamie Scarves.

Just Jamie Scarves was launched in August of 2010 when Jamie saw an opportunity in the marketplace to sell scarves and other accessories. She has been using social media to promote her business since day 1, with her WordPress blog, Facebook and Twitter driving much of her product information to her consumers. Currently, Jamie has an e-commerce website (which she created single-handedly) but still uses social media in her daily business activities. To get a better idea of how social media has benefitted her company, we asked her a few questions.

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The Top 3 Products That Integrated Social Media

Chevy Cruze FacebookSocial media seems to be taking over the world, one day at a time. Every few months, existing products are redesigned with new and improved features. Recently, there has been a growing trend of incorporating social media networks as the enhanced feature of a certain product. Today we will look into the top 3 product industries that have used social media to create another selling point for their products. 

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