How to Get Your Brand Ready for Social Media Marketing

Gearing up for social media.Social media has become a main stream way for companies and brands alike to connect with their following. Going further than just engaging their consumer, brands now have several more outlets to market and promote their product and service. What some brands are having trouble with is how to properly get started with social media.

I am particularly aiming this blog towards the small to medium sized businesses. Companies like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Snickers, and any other name brand company have the funds at their disposal to do whatever they like; they can create a campaign, then completely overhaul it 5 times over if they please. I am dedicating this post to the companies that are up and coming, who are looking to jump on the social media bandwagon and would like to hit the ground running. There is still a large population of companies and businesses that have not yet adopted social media. So how do you get your company geared up for a social media strategy? Continue reading...

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Social Media Lessons Learned From the Old Spice Guy

Old Spice GuyIn today’s modern world of Internet marketing and leveraging social media campaigns to increase traffic and sales, video is the number 1 rated type of content. Having a social media campaign is great and once you have a strategy in place you are on the right track, but utilizing the platforms available to you effectively is a whole other ball game. Old Spice used professional athlete Isaiah Mustafa to be the face of their “Old Spice Guy” campaign, and looking at whether it was a success or big time upset, well, everyone has his or her own opinions. Let’s talk about some of the lessons we can learn from the social media campaigns of the Old Spice Guy, and now, The New Old Spice Guy.

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How to Plan a Solid Social Media Campaign in Just a Few Minutes

Goals for Social MediaOkay, so the title was a little fabrication to grab your attention. It worked, just like how a properly designed social media campaign should entice your consumer to engage with your brand. Although there is no easy way to design a social media marketing campaign, we will cover some of the steps needed to be taken when considering what you will need for such an initiative. Planning a campaign takes time, patience and a true understanding of where you want to take your brand.

The first step towards designing a social media plan of attack is understanding your target market. Since your company is already up and running, your target market should already be established. If for some reason a target market has not been decided, it is best that you do that now. Right now. Pause reading this, and come back after you have targeted a demographic.

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How To Use Social Media to Build Your Email Contact List

We all know that social media marketing is effective in promoting your products and services, creating a buzz around your brand, and tapping into your consumer market. Blogs, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are all great promotional platforms, but did you ever think of how you could use such sites for purposes outside of the social media world? Learn how you can turn your social media following into valuable contacts for your company…

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The Power of YouTube

Power of YoutubeFor most small businesses and start-ups, YouTube is usually overlooked as a prominent social media tool. Some companies may choose not to use YouTube because they believe their videos will not be discovered, get many views, or ever go “viral.” Keeping these uncertainties in mind, let’s take a look at what success YouTube can bring to your company.  

Video content is one of the most entertaining forms of media to engage your consumers with. In order to be effective, in terms of viral marketing, videos should be short, sweet, and able to get a message through to the viewer. Additionally, publishing more than one video at a time enables your consumers to continue watching your content instead of having to wait for new posts. While working at Reebok International, I learned that a company’s YouTube videos do not have to be extremely professional in order to make an impact. Reebok launched a viral series for their “You Got Rondo’d” campaign in order to promote their brand. Employees were used as actors and each video was shot locally. Through word of mouth and social networking, the videos acquired over 200,000 views. Their YouTube campaign undercut the costs they would incur had they implemented advertisements on national TV.

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