Are the Newest Facebook Features Imitating Google+?

Facebook ChangesBeing the king of the castle may be a great position to hold, but you may lose sight of why you’re king. You’re loved by just about everyone; even those who hate you pretend to like you. But what do you do if a prince in another castle starts to build their kingdom better than yours? Copy their ideas of course!

It seems Google+ is doing things right, causing another twist in the Google+ vs. Facebook debate. So much so, that Facebook is adopting their competitor’s ideas and features.

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Why Google+ Will Succeed

Google+Google+ is still fairly new compared to the juggernauts like Twitter and Facebook, but so far Google+ has done nothing but excel. With over 60 million users and growing, Google+ is already beginning to implement some major features into their platform. When Google+ initially went public, it had the ability to video chat with multiple people at once, as well connect with users with similar interests within a section denoted “Sparks.” But slowly Google+ is changing and incorporating ideas from other social networks into their own, heating up the competition. Let’s look at some of the Google+ features you may have seen elsewhere or that are entirely new to the social network realm.

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The New Google Search Plus and Twitter’s Response

Google Search vs TwitterIf you haven’t already noticed, Google has implemented their new “search” tool, Search Plus. The new Google Search Engine now incorporates Google+ brand pages as well as personal pages into your SERP (search engine results page). This merge has been foreseen since Google+ was brought into beta testing, but never verified as truth. If you read our blog, Why Your Business Should Have a Google+ Page,then you should already know the benefits of Google+. The newest Google update will only increases your company SEO. But if you’re a company like Twitter, you may be a bit angry.

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How Google+ Can be Used for Business Collaboration

Google CollaborationSeveral weeks ago, I wrote a blog about a program called Convofy, which at the time, seemed like a very useful tool for businesses. Its design and usability mimicked Facebook, and its functionality resembled Google Docs. However, over time I have been noticing that Google+ has been implementing features that seem to be differentiating it from Facebook in a profound way. Since Google+ launched, there has been an ongoing question of who will inevitably take the title as “King of Social Media,” but what if that isn’t the case? Google+ seems to be veering off the road Facebook has paved to possibly focus on practical social media use within a business, not just the personal and brand social communities.

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Google+ Launches Business Pages Today

progressive media concepts, social media marketing, social media management The day that marketers everywhere have been anticipating has come. Google Plus has finally rolled out their business page feature today. Over the next few days, Google Plus is allowing businesses to Create a Page on their platform. When I read about this, I instantly tried to create a company page for Progressive Media Concepts, but I unfortunately got this message in reply:

Google+ Pages isn’t ready for everyone

Thanks for your interest in Google+ Pages, but we haven’t finished releasing them to everyone. Please check back soon.

I will be trying over the next few days, but until then, let’s look at what you can expect from a business page on Google+.

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Facebook vs Google Plus Round 2

Facebook vs Google+If you are an avid user of today’s social media networking sites, you are aware of the battle between Facebook and Google Plus for the supremacy of the social network industry. In round one, Google released the first wave of beta testing to select individuals, to test out the newest platform in Google’s arsenal to compete with Facebook. So far, all the reviews have been great and it seems as though Google has one-upped Facebook in terms of innovation and ease for its user base.

Except, there are two problems. One: Google is still in the trial phase and has not gone live for the general public since it is a closed testing. Two: Facebook has just fired back a combination of hits straight into the heart of Google Plus - video chat and group chat.

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Social Media Showdown: Facebook vs. Google Plus

It is safe to say that the era of MySpace is a distant thought in history. Few people refer to MySpace daily in today’s social circle, as Facebook has taken the thrown as top dog of the social networking world. Since then, it has seemed Facebook stood as king of the hill with no competition to challenge their rank in our hearts, until now. Google+ is the newest site Google launched to take back the title of “most viewed website worldwide.” Facebook now has a run for its money with Google’s vast following and exceptionally outclassed features. Has the time come where a new king will be crowned, or will Facebook merely adopt similar features in hopes to retain its user base?

We may all have an opinion, as I have read many bloggers disliking the +1 feature Google has adapted for its searches and results. Some may feel this is just a mere attempt to keep Google in good standings with its users due to all the concerns over their privacy practices. All could be true or false. If you take time to look into Google+ and what it allows you to do, you will see it is similar to Facebook, yet in an entirely different way.

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