Social Media Spotlight: FIX Solutions GmbH

FIX Solutions GmbHOn this week’s Social Media Spotlight, we are proud to introduce a company based in Frankfurt, Germany that is a leading technology provider of FIX (Financial Information eXchange) software. FIX Solutions GmbH ensures that your financial trading environment among the DACH+ markets is transparent, ultra-fast and highly efficient. We had the pleasure of speaking with Nick Nickitas about how FIX Solutions GmbH is utilizing social media, and here is what he had to say:

Read More for Business Networking NetworkingAre you looking to network with like-minded people or market your business to other individuals and business owners in your area? may be the solution you are looking for. With over 7.5 million users, is a great place to meet people within any given industry. The great part about this social network is that it allows you to interact with community members online and then go meet them in the real world! combines the ease of social networking with the ability to join groups of people with common interests. Within these groups, people host events where you can meet community members!

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Why Hootsuite is a Must Have Social Management Platform

Hootsuite Management PlatformUpdating and staying consistent on social media networks can become time consuming, even if you have an editorial calendar mapped out. To properly use social media to grow and maintain a fan base, you usually need to post content that is engaging, interesting and useful. But who has time to run a business, research content and post them at specific times throughout the day? Not many. Outsourcing your social media is a great way to increase your social presence while being able to focus on your business’s bottom line. If outsourcing or hiring an in-house social media manager isn’t in the budget, using a 3rd party tool like Hootsuite can be very beneficial. Hootsuite will give you the ability to manage your social media networks all from one central hub. You can post to multiple accounts over multiple platforms all at the same time! Scheduling content to be posted throughout the week will make your content strategy easy and less time consuming. Let’s look at some of the features that Hootsuite has to offer.

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Why Google+ Will Succeed

Google+Google+ is still fairly new compared to the juggernauts like Twitter and Facebook, but so far Google+ has done nothing but excel. With over 60 million users and growing, Google+ is already beginning to implement some major features into their platform. When Google+ initially went public, it had the ability to video chat with multiple people at once, as well connect with users with similar interests within a section denoted “Sparks.” But slowly Google+ is changing and incorporating ideas from other social networks into their own, heating up the competition. Let’s look at some of the Google+ features you may have seen elsewhere or that are entirely new to the social network realm.

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The Top 10 Progressive Media Concepts Blogs of 2011

Top 10 Blogs of 2011This weekend will mark the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012! We hope everyone had a great year and has big plans for 2012, as it is best to start the New Year off on the right foot! For those of you who have been following our work since the beginning, or even just recently started reading, we thank you and would like to recap our top 10 blogs of 2011 that were made possible by your views!

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How to Fight Spam on a Self-Hosted WordPress Site

Spam Comments on BlogWhether you use WordPress as a blog or have customized one of their numerous templates to use as a website, spam can be a real hassle to deal with. We all are familiar with the traditional spam-like sales calls, pointless emails and letters in the mail that do nothing but waste our time. In the virtual word, spam has taken on a new identity. WordPress spam typically comes in the form as a comment on a blog post or any page that allows. There are many tactics that can be used, mostly in the form of plugins, which will greatly reduce the spam that your site receives.

Spam can come in many forms and from many sources. The most common source of spam are “bots” or computer programs that quickly scan pages, posting or commenting wherever they can. Usually these “bots” supply a link or a destination in the hopes that you will click on it. Spam can also come from an actual person sitting at a computer, manually inputting information and links that are malicious. There are various kinds of content behind these links, but nonetheless should be avoided.
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Social Media Spotlight: Shoreline Painting Contractors

Shoreline Painting ContractorsFor today’s Social Media Spotlight, we are proud to introduce a company that prides itself on its work. Shoreline Painting Contractors is a full-service, year-round residential and commercial painting business comprised of professionals known for their attention to detail. Whether you have a small job or large job, Shoreline Painting can get it done. Shoreline Painting services lower Fairfield County, Westchester County and New York City. We had the pleasure of speaking with the Director of Sales at Shoreline Painting, Chris Polidoro, about their social media campaign. Here is what Chris had to say:

What social media platforms do you currently use?

C: We currently use Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. We also have live pages on Manta, Yelp, etc.

What value, if any, does social media provide to your business?

C: We at Shoreline have received great value from all of our social media sites; we are able to mainstream live photos and videos of work in progress and finished work! It keeps our customers and potential customers updated on what is going on with our daily operations.

Which social media platform works best for your business?

C: Facebook seems to work best for our business, with YouTube coming in as a close second. We are using Twitter more now, as it seems to be picking up more for business-to-business and commercial jobs. 

How has social media impacted your business in terms of ROI and sales?

C: Social media has definitely impacted sales and the overall customer experience.  We offer specials on all social media networks, which seem to get the most drawbacks and produce estimates, which in turn has boosted our gross sales.

Do you have any advice for companies who are on the fence about social media?

C: We feel that in this day and age, there is no reason to be on the fence! If you want to grow your business with minimal cost, social media is the most effective way to produce results powerfully.  The main idea is to keep whatever social media you are using updated on a daily/weekly basis.

Is there any social media strategy that you would like to improve or do differently?

C: Yes! We have implemented daily updates into our office manager’s position and job description.  We do not want to lose a day where we are not posting and producing powerful results on all of our social media sites!

It is great to see how the contracting industry is getting involved in social media. Businesses like Shoreline Painting can create great exposure, not only by connecting with current and potential clients, but also by showcasing their work to anyone who visits their sites. It was a pleasure speaking with Chris about their social media campaign, and we look forward to seeing their business grow via social media networks. To find out more about Shoreline Painting and where they service, visit their website here.

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What the New Facebook Insights Mean for Your Social Media Campaign

Yes, it’s true. Facebook has implemented another change to its already chaotic update schedule. However, this update is actually great! Facebook has changed their analytic tools to give page managers more insight into how their Facebook page is performing. They have made it much more aesthetically pleasing for the user. So aside from how it looks, those who record and interpret analytical data are now happier due to the renovations. Let’s talk more about the functionality of the new update.

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New Facebook Insights At first glance it does look impressive. Right off the bat, the homepage already gives us more metrics to measure. We now see 4 points of data on the homepage of the new insights. Total Likes is always good to know, but now we can see how many friends of fans there are (possibly soon to be fans of your brand), how many people are talking about your brand (posts, likes, comments, shares), and how many people your updates have reached (how many people have seen content associated with your brand’s Facebook page). These new metrics will give page administrators better insight to how their page is performing and how many people are seeing its content. Below this data, we get a better feel for each individual piece of content posted within a given timeframe. These new analytics will give insight into how engaging the content you post is, as well as how many people are talking about it or sharing your content throughout Facebook.

Facebook Insights NewUnder the Fans section, there is a spot dedicated to the demographics of your current fans. This is no different than what was on the previous version of the insights. The only difference is what lies below these demographics. “Where Your Likes Came From” is a new feature that will let you see how many users un-liked your brand, and when it happened. This will allow page admins to see when their user base declined, and they can possibly figure out why it happened. It also gives you the ability to see where these Likes came from. This will give you a better idea into how people are learning about your brand.

Great Facebook InsightsAnother great feature is in the tab titled “Reach.” Inside this tab, you may see something familiar. Within the Reach tab, you are able to see demographics of who you have reached with your posted content. The difference with fan demographics is that this tab will allow you to see which who has engaged with your content, not just who has Liked your company. This will give excellent insight into which audience is viewing or sharing the content that you post. If you notice this happens to not be your target audience, you can then review your social media plan to see why your target audience or consumer is not being reached. Below these demographics, you can also see which posted content performed the best throughout Facebook. It is sorted into different categories for a much more clear understanding as to how your content reached other people; was it shared by your fans, or did your fans engage your brand in their newsfeed or ticker?  It also gives you an old, yet great feature: allowing you to see which pages were viewed within your Facebook brand page. This is always a good insight because you get a real understanding of where your fans like to spend their time while visiting your brand’s page. The unique visitors will give you an excellent gauge on how many people are repeat visitors to your Facebook page, compared to how many page views you have.

New Updated Facebook InsightThe last tab in the new Facebook insights is “Who’s Talking About This.” This information will give you a look into how many people are mentioning, sharing or posting about your brand to their followers. Although you need to be “talked” about over 30 times to view these analytics within a week period, it will give you a great demographic layout of who is unknowingly being a brand ambassador. This will be a good measurement of how your brand is being discussed throughout Facebook and give you insight into which demographic is mentioning you. Underneath this data, you can see how people are talking about your brand. Is it through a Like? Maybe it is from a photo they tagged of your company. It could even be through a post, a share or a tag. This will give your brand a great understanding of which method people prefer to “talk about you” with.

We are very pleased with the new Facebook insights, and we look forward to seeing how these new metrics grow as the interaction with our company on Facebook grows. All numbers and statistical data were omitted so that you can get a better feel for the layout without eavesdropping on how well we are doing! If you have any comments or rants about the new Facebook insights, please don’t hold back! Tell us how you feel in a comment!

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Social Media Spotlight: Charlie Scott Design

Charlie Scott DesignThis week on the Social Media Spotlight, we are pleased to introduce a company that prides itself on perfection, not only for their clients, but for their own business. Charlie Scott Design is a company that utilizes cutting edge technologies to provide their clientele with creative branding. We had the pleasure of speaking with the CEO of Charlie Scott Design, Charlie Scott himself, about their social media strategies. Here is what he had to say:

What social media platforms do you currently use?

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How to Get Your Brand Ready for Social Media Marketing

Gearing up for social media.Social media has become a main stream way for companies and brands alike to connect with their following. Going further than just engaging their consumer, brands now have several more outlets to market and promote their product and service. What some brands are having trouble with is how to properly get started with social media.

I am particularly aiming this blog towards the small to medium sized businesses. Companies like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Snickers, and any other name brand company have the funds at their disposal to do whatever they like; they can create a campaign, then completely overhaul it 5 times over if they please. I am dedicating this post to the companies that are up and coming, who are looking to jump on the social media bandwagon and would like to hit the ground running. There is still a large population of companies and businesses that have not yet adopted social media. So how do you get your company geared up for a social media strategy? Continue reading...

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