How to Recycle Old Blog Posts

Progressive Media Concepts, social media marketing, social media managementNo blog post that you write should ever be looked at as a waste of time or become lost within your site. If you’re anything like PMC and blog on a daily basis, it may seem easy for the lifespan of your posts to be short. Once a blog is published, you usually notice a spike in views of that post, and they typically dwindle down as time goes on. Fortunately, there are some techniques that you can use in order to keep views and shares of an old blog post alive!

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How to Make an Effective Custom Facebook Landing Page

progressive media concepts, social media marketing, social media managementWhat’s the first thing that new visitors to your Facebook brand page see when they stop by? Your landing page, of course! In order to make this page the most effective it can be, it not only needs to be visually appealing, but also must give the Facebook user reasons to want to like your page. Keep reading for some suggestions on how to make your landing page valuable.

1.    Design. You want to make sure that when visitors come to your Facebook page, the design of the welcome tab catches their attention. Use custom graphics that pertain to your brand, such as logos, pictures of products, or photos that depict your services. Provide a brief summary on your company and what it offers, all while using consistent brand colors and text.

2.    Include incentives. When someone comes to your Facebook page, let him or her know about the special offers and unique content they will receive once they like it. The landing page is an excellent place to showcase this information. On the Progressive Media Concepts’ Facebook page, you can see that we offer a free web evaluation after a person likes our page. Once someone likes us, a new landing page pops up that gives the visitor an opportunity to get feedback on their Internet presence from our company. Small offerings such as coupons and free consultations are a great way to increase your fanbase!

3.    Create new landing tabs for different purposes. When your brand is running a promotion, giveaway or is having a big holiday sale, make sure you change your landing page to let potential fans know! Many contests and giveaways are hosted on Facebook pages, so it’s vital that you change the welcome tab to showcase the rules and the prizes. The more engaging you make your landing page, the more likely people will become your Facebook fans.

4.    Keep them relevant! Let’s face it; graphics and designs can become outdated. If you have recently changed a company logo or have new and improved products, your landing page needs to keep up with the latest modifications! Contests, promotions and giveaways all have an expiration date, so make sure you delete the tab when they’re over. Be aware of the time sensitivity of your landing page’s content.

For some really awesome examples of customized landing pages, check out this article. If you need help building and designing a Facebook landing page for your business, do not hesitate to contact Progressive Media Concepts!

How Brands and Teams Use Social Media for the Super Bowl

The last time the New York Giants and the New England Patriots met at the Super Bowl, Facebook had under 100 million users, Twitter wasn’t cool and Google+ didn’t exist; not even as a thought. This weekend and over the past 2 weeks, however, the marketing for this epic sports showdown has and will change dramatically. Can you remember the days when you had to read a newspaper or watch ESPN or even the NEWS to find out sports scores? How about the time you missed the most hilarious Super Bowl commercial, and had to wait days to see it replayed on TV? Those days are over, and thank goodness for that!

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5 Things You’re Doing Wrong with Social Media Marketing

Social media has been incorporated into business plans worldwide, but there are still some companies who are using it incorrectly. In the social media world, consumer-generated content is key to building an online reputation and brand loyalty for your business. With the right direction from companies, customers finally get to learn from, interact and voice their opinions on their favorite brands, products and services. In order to create an online community through social media marketing, there are common mistakes that need to be avoided. Some of the most prevalent social media bloopers are listed below.

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5 Reasons You Need Social Media Marketing in 2012

progressive media concepts, social media management, social media marketingWhat’s a better way to start off the New Year than making your brand active in the social world? If you are a business owner or work in marketing and your company still isn’t on Facebook or Twitter, now is the time to get on! If your brand is already on Facebook and Twitter, it’s time to expand your horizons to blogs and YouTube. Here are the top 5 reasons you need social media marketing in 2012:

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5 Ways to Make Your Tweets Stand Out

progressive media concepts, social media marketing, social media managementIt’s hard to get noticed on Twitter when there are hundreds of thousands of tweets being posted every minute. Between its 200 million users, Twitter sees approximately 350 million tweets everyday. How is your business going to stand out with all of that going on? First off, not everyone sees 350 million tweets a day because they probably do not follow that many users. But you still need to be able to shine in your followers’ Twitter feeds. Let’s discuss some ways that you can create attention-grabbing tweets for your company.

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Social Media Spotlight: NY Home Solutions

progressive media concepts, social media marketing, social media managementExcited for this week’s Social Media Spotlight? We’re happy to introduce NY Home Solutions to you! NY Home Solutions is a real estate investment company that specializes in the purchase and rehabilitation of distressed homes in the Greater Buffalo Region. The services offered by NYHS provide legitimate alternatives to homeowners troubled by legal, family, or financial burdens. They work directly with homeowners who are looking to sell their home and relieve the burden of a stressful situation.

NY Home Solutions prides itself on its ability to create a “Win-Win-Win” solution for all parties involved. With their ability to accommodate all situations, they are able to alleviate the burden of an unwanted home. After the complete rehabilitation of the home, they create an opportunity for a new family or individual to purchase the home at a fair market price. This helps to revitalize the region! We were able to speak with Nick Baldo about the company’s social media marketing strategy, and here’s what he had to say:

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Social Media Spotlight: Life With Donna

social media marketing, social media managementThis week, we are happy to introduce Life With Donna, a company that provides a variety of confidential services to women. Lifestyle Consultant, Donna Youdin, guides women to make changes in their daily lives. These changes empower women to better manage stress, become more organized, and enjoy feeling refreshed both inside and out. She provides her consulting services in the comfort and privacy of your home, enabling you to relax, feel at ease, and speak confidentially about your struggles with daily stress management. Donna introduces and targets the strong connection between disorganization and stress. We were able to speak with Donna about her social media initiatives, and here’s what she had to say:

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How to Create Social Media Call to Actions

progressive media concepts, social media marketing, social media managementThere is always a motive for every company tweet, Facebook post or blog article.  Whether it be sending your followers to a specific website or having them become a fan on Facebook, a business’s social media posts serve a purpose. Have you been studying your analytics and noticing that you aren’t getting as many click-throughs or impressions that you were aiming for? It may be time to look at your social media call to actions.

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Social Media Spotlight: Vergetone Productions

social media marketing, social media managementThis week, we are pleased to present a music production company that is based out of Brooklyn, NY and operates out of New York, Buffalo and Boston. Vergetone Productions focuses on musicianship and production value to deliver high quality, creative music. The company provides production, recording, and mixing services to bands and artists, as well as post-production sound design and composition for companies and filmmakers. We were lucky enough to speak to Mike Baldo, a producer for Vergetone, about their social media marketing initiatives. Here is what he had to say:

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